Data Visualization/Dashboard

PrevioRisk helps data talk by providing the most granular level of data in the form of Dashboards. Now you are able to tackle the typical problem of data aggregation without overburdening risk managers with unworkable quantities of data.

  • Data Visualization Dashboards available for various asset classes.
  • Firms can now dynamically identify concentrations of risk categorized by risk factor, strategy and portfolio grouping at the enterprise level or drill down to the position level.
  • PrevioRisk delivers real-time portfolio analytics, risk analytics and exposure management to the front office via a user-friendly, web-enabled interface. Risk profiles can be revaluated ad-hoc or at scheduled intervals to depict an up-to-date, accurate picture of risk.

PrevioRisk Dashboards module enables you to view a complete set of customer data at a glance. Fully flexible, customized and packed with a set of features such as drilldown, grouping, and sorting.

  • Aggregate and analyze information from multiple source systems
  • Centralized repository
  • Data rendered at multiple devices (e.g. iPad, Android, etc.)
  • Customized dashboards across departments and business lines
  • System health monitor

Data Time Navigation:

  • Timeline / History / Quarter / Month / Date / Day
  • Breakup by exchanges, stocks, and other classification
  • View Top customers


  • Rolling data
  • Easy flow from one period to another
  • Drilldown
  • Aggregation of data

Visualize your portfolio in most detailed way:

  • Currency
  • Maturity profile
  • Coupon type
  • Accounting treatment