Pre-Deal Manager

PrevioRisk Pre-Deal Manager, a platform for 50+ products across various asset classes, provides you with rich trading support for pricing exchange-traded and OTC derivatives. It enables you to achieve continuous deal maintenance throughout its lifecycle – from pre-trade pricing and deal capture, through to trade execution and limits check.

  • Take advantage of wide instrument coverage: 50+ products for calculating PFE across various asset classes
  • Re-estimate PFE numbers simply by modifying transaction parameters
  • Check limits for line availability, using convenient limit approval system
  • Generate customized term sheets based on the PFE input data

Leverage PrevioRisk’s modular structure and high customizability: if the asset that you are trading is not presented in the scheme below, our technical specialists can add it by your request.


PrevioRisk Wide Asset Coverage

Pre-Deal Manager – PrevioRisk